Online Solutions

SiteTools build websites and online solutions to meet your business needs.

What we do

Here at SiteTools we have the experience and knowledge to find a solution to your online needs. Whether you're looking to build an online brochure,  an eCommerce solution or a fully customised web application, we can deliver.

Your business needs come first, we don't employ a cookie cutter, one size fits all solution to every problem, we have more tools in our tool box. We tailor our development to provide you the perfect solution to your business demands.

Planning and Consulting

With our years of developing web sites and web applications you may want some advice before embarking on a new project. Feel free to sound us out and get our opinion on what technologies you could use, if your project was a web application or a mobile application.

You can book our web consultancy service by the hour. We can meet in person if you're in Hawke's Bay or via Zoom or Skype, whatever works for you.

We Are Web Developers

We like to stick to our strengths, web development and coding great solutions for our clients is what we do best.

We are not web designers, copywriters, photographers or social media experts. This allows us to work with a range of talented freelancers and agencies, giving us great flexibility to choose what and who we need for each project.

Web Hosting

Do you need your website hosted? We have fast New Zealand based hosting available

We provide nightly offsite backups, HTTPS and a range of hosting environments, we can also register and host domain names for you. Please get in touch if you'd like to know more.

Web Startups

Do you have an idea for a startup? We love to partner with innovators and experts in their field. You bring the domain expertise and we'll add the tech to get the idea off the ground.

All options are on the table from initial consultancy to co-founding a new project.

Control Your Website

Most of the websites and applications we build use a content management system (CMS). A CMS allows the website editor to update the website content themselves. An editor is able to update website copy and images easily using the intuitive CMS admin area.

We specialise in using the SilverStripe CMS and WordPress CMS. Having the option to use either of these systems gives us the greatest flexibility for development and admin capability.